Shipping Policy

  • shipping is free in Canada (Please note that extreme rural or remote locations might require an additional shipping fee. If this is the case for your mailing address, we will email you after consultation with the artist.)
  • every piece on the site indicates if there is an additional fee for shipping that piece to the US
  • interested buyers from overseas can email us at [email protected] to inquire if the artist will ship to their location and, if so, what the additional shipping fees will be
  • artists have three business days from the day of purchase to ship the item to you
  • the choice of shipping provider is up to the individual artist
  • we will email you a tracking number for the parcel as soon as the artist tells us it has been shipped
  • we are not responsible for shipments after delivery has been confirmed

Have a question about shipping that isn’t answered here? Please email [email protected].

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