Selling Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully before submitting any work for sale at Herringbone Gallery. Submitting work for sale means you have read, understood and accept the terms of this agreement. If you have any questions, please contact us.

You, the artist, will:

  • guarantee that any work you submit for sale was handmade by you or by a person for whom you have permission to act as a representative
  • guarantee that any work you submit for sale has not been purchased for re-sale
  • accept that the posting of any piece on is at the discretion of Herringbone Gallery
  • include the cost of shipping in your asking price
  • carefully, thoughtfully and appropriately package work for shipping to buyers
  • include a Herringbone Gallery postcard (which we provide) in every work you ship to a Herringbone Gallery customer
  • ship a purchased piece to the buyer within three business days of the sale
  • email the package’s tracking number to [email protected] the same day the package is shipped
  • agree to a 30% commission to Herringbone Gallery after the successful sale of your piece
  • notify us immediately if you need to remove a piece from the site
  • include when promoting venues at which your work is available
  • share your work on with your social networks, if applicable
  • be able to close your account at any time

You, the artist, will not:

  • sell pieces directly to buyers who first discovered the work on
  • post the same pieces on that you have posted on our competitors’ sites (your own site is fine)

We, Herringbone Gallery, will:

  • take no longer than three business days to review and post any work you submit for sale
  • consult with you before posting the work if we consider your asking price too high or too low
  • issue payment to you within three business days of the sold work being successfully delivered to the buyer
  • notify you of any policy changes before they take effect
  • credit any images of your work we use in advertisement and promotion

We, Herringbone Gallery, will not:

  • take more than a 30% commission on the successful sale of your work
  • publish your mailing address or phone number on the site
  • use images of your work for any purpose other than advertisement and promotion (newsletters, blog posts, social media posts)
  • offer buyers a discount on your work without your express permission