How It Works

Hello, artist! We are delighted you’re considering posting your work here at Herringbone Gallery and want to make the entire process as pleasurable as possible.

The steps below outline the path to selling on and we urge you to read them before submitting your work. If you have any questions, check out the FAQ or contact us.


You poke around the site a bit, decide you like the cut of our jib, and fill out an Artist Application, which sounds kind of intimidating, but really isn’t.


We review your application and email you with our decision within three business days. If we do want to work together, we’ll direct you to the Selling Agreement and it’s time to begin submitting work to sell.


Your work appears on, drawing cheers from your family and friends, admiration from strangers and bitter tears of jealousy from your enemies.


Someone buys one of your pieces. Huzzah! We email you to share the good news and the mailing address of the lucky buyer. You carefully and diligently package the work and hie thee to the post office.


You email the tracking number to us at [email protected] and we let the customer know so we can all anxiously track it to its destination. As soon as delivery is confirmed, we issue your payment by e-transfer or PayPal.


‘Man, that was easy,’ you think and you submit more work for sale.