Artist Application

*Please note that applications are open only to residents of Canada.*

To submit your work for consideration at Herringbone Gallery for the first time, please complete this Artist Application. (But make sure you read How It Works first!)
Please choose one of the following three options to submit your portfolio, then scroll down and click 'Apply Now'.
Option 1 - Paste a link to your online portfolio (website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Option 2 - Send a file-sharing link (such as Dropbox) to [email protected]

Don't forget to include your full name and email address again in the message section of the Dropbox pop-up (or other file-sharing service) so we can match the email we receive to this application.
Option 3 - Upload 3 - 5 JPGs with titles, dimensions and mediums (2 MB each, maximum)
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