Herringbone welcomes Nova Scotia’s Connie Publicover

It’s a given that artists pay attention to the little details so many of us miss, but then there are the artists – like Connie Publicover – who pay attention to the little details even most other artists miss. When, for example, is the last time you really paid attention to a drop of water?

‘Northern Lights’ by Connie Publicover

From her home beside the Atlantic Ocean, Connie turns her focus on individual drops and the reflections and refractions she can create within them. The shapes and colours she captures are fascinating.

‘Eagle Nest’ by Connie Publicover

We are delighted to welcome Connie to the Herringbone family!

‘Canadian Footprint’ by Connie Publicover

Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s Danielle Beaulieu

While some artists are drawn to big, dramatic scenes — sweeping vistas and moody skies and crashing waves — others, like Ottawa’s Danielle Beaulieu, seem to relish the tiny, often overlooked glimpses of beauty around us every day.

‘Chains’ by Danielle Beaulieu

Painstakingly worked in thin washes of watercolour paint, Danielle’s series of paintings of antiques gives the viewer the opportunity to slow down and really observe the shapes and colours and patterns in ordinary objects like teacups and bottles and quilts.

‘Stack of Quilts’ by Danielle Beaulieu

Danielle is a popular painting teacher and workshop leader and we couldn’t be happier to include her in the Herringbone family!

‘Chandelier’ by Danielle Beaulieu

Herringbone welcomes British Columbia’s Perry Haddock

Vibrant. Luscious. Exuberant. Describing the work of Vancouver-area painter (and retired fine arts teacher) Perry Haddock makes me sound like a thesaurus. I mean, look at this:

‘Heavenly Bamboo 3’ by Perry Haddock

Bold. Brilliant. Vivid. I could do this all day.

‘Up the Sound 3’ by Perry Haddock

Inspired by the natural beauty of his west coast surroundings, Perry approaches painting with an impressionist’s eye, seeking to capture a fleeting moment or mood. He does it gorgeously. Colourfully. Fearlessly. Okay, I’ll stop now.

‘Moraine Majesty’ by Perry Haddock

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Perry Haddock to the Herringbone family!

Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s Krystle Moore

In a quiet town just outside the wild bustle that is southern Ontario, painter Krystle Moore has her eyes on the skies.

‘Big Sky/Going Home’ by Krystle Moore

Dark and foreboding or pretty and cheerful, Krystle’s landscapes are a treat for anyone who needs a quick hit of uncluttered countryside.

‘Grateful’ by Krystle Moore

Like a true cloud aficionado, sometimes she even does away with the land completely. Dreamy, isn’t it?

‘Night and Day’ by Krystle Moore

We love Krystle’s light hand and beautiful palette and are delighted to welcome her to the Herringbone family!

Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s Marianne H Neilsen

If you think you hear music when you look at the beautiful work of Ottawa’s Marianne H Neilsen, you aren’t alone.

‘Hidden Land of Fairies’ by Marianne H Neilsen

Music is a significant source of inspiration to Marianne, who explains that as she paints, “I feel as though I’m dancing amongst the stars.”

‘The Brush of Love’s Light’ by Marianne H Neilsen

Like dancing, painting is a physical process for Marianne. She pushes and pulls and scrapes and layers and works the canvas, using vibrant, juicy colours to express a wealth of emotions.

‘Secret Garden’ by Marianne H Neilsen

We are big fans of Marianne’s work and are delighted to welcome her to the Herringbone family!

Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s JudyBlue Anderson

Keep your tidy gardens and gently rolling fields – mixed media artist JudyBlue Anderson likes her landscapes rugged. Challenging. Off the beaten track. Think rocky shorelines and eroding cliffs and waterlogged swamps.

‘Trees Can’t Grow There 2’ by JudyBlue Anderson

Armed with sketches produced en plein air, JudyBlue heads back to her studio in Hamilton and, using acrylic paint, ink and scraps of paper, channels her observations into vibrant, energetic pieces that immerse the viewer into the wildness of the scene. Bug spray not required.

‘East River Park, NS’ by JudyBlue Anderson

JudyBlue has exhibited in countless solo and group shows and her work can be found in many private and corporate collections. We are delighted to welcome JudyBlue to the Herringbone family!

‘Tranquil 2’ by JudyBlue Anderson

Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s Barbara Chapman

Barbara Chapman may now be surrounded by the bright lights and big cities of southern Ontario, but her artistic heart remains on the east coast of Canada where she was born.

‘Cape Spear Coastline’ by Barbara Chapman

Barbara uses a soft, natural palette and sensitive brushwork to render the kinds of expansive views that speak to us all, regardless of our address.

‘View From the Cape’ by Barbara Chapman

Having studied art and art history at Sheridan College and the University of Toronto, Barbara now teaches painting to others as her “ongoing journey” in art continues. Barbara’s award-winning work features in many private and corporate collections and we are delighted to welcome her to the Herringbone family!

‘Blue Rocks’ by Barbara Chapman

Herringbone welcomes PEI’s (and Ontario’s) Julea Boswell

Considering the sheer exuberance of Julea Boswell’s paintings, it’s no surprise to discover she started her creative career as a professional dancer.

‘Ice Dance’ by Julea Boswell

With a goal of making “joy-filled art,” Julea plays with colour and movement and energy to create works that are a like a blast of fresh air in a stuffy room.

‘Cooler Along the Coast’ by Julea Boswell

Julea has participated in many juried group and solo shows and her work features in many private collections all over the world. We are delighted to welcome Julea Boswell to the Herringbone family!

‘Summer Rain Dance’ by Julea Boswell

Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s Cathy Boyd

Tucked away in a quiet community on the shores of Georgian Bay, painter Cathy Boyd lets loose with colour.

‘Magical’ by Cathy Boyd

Primarily self-taught, Cathy is dedicated to ongoing learning and experimentation with her work, which she hopes expresses “the wonder I feel about this little world.”

‘Island Time’ by Cathy Boyd

Cathy’s paintings have been featured in international exhibitions and are a part of countless private collections. We are delighted to welcome Cathy Boyd to the Herringbone family!

‘Pristine’ by Cathy Boyd

Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s Peter Cheung

After many years of working in the corporate world, Peter Cheung of Burlington, Ontario packed it all in to pursue painting full-time and boy, are we glad he did.

‘Evening Tide’ by Peter Cheung

Having first studied painting with a famous Chinese master, Peter took the ink and water techniques he learned and translated them into his own distinctively bold, energetic style in oils and watercolours.

‘Watching the Sailboats’ by Peter Cheung

We can’t get enough of Peter’s gorgeous colour sense, hypnotic brushwork and unerring ability to get to the heart of a scene – and we aren’t the only ones, for Peter’s work has been widely exhibited and is a feature of many international collections. We are thrilled to welcome Peter to the Herringbone family!

‘Morning Park Bench’ by Peter Cheung

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