Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s Jane Boyd

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Palette knife + paint = perfection. Jane Boyd wields her favourite tool like a magician, turning ordinary landscapes and waterscapes into impressionist gems of colour, texture and form.

‘Hues of Lake Huron’ by Jane Boyd

Happily getting “lost in the moment,” Jane simplifies her subject matter as a way of exploring the essence of what she’s seeing and of conveying that essence to the viewer.

‘Fall Fantasy’ by Jane Boyd

Jane’s award-winning work has appeared in countless international exhibitions and features in numerous private collections and we couldn’t be happier to offer some of her incredible paintings right here at Herringbone.

‘Summer Greens’ by Jane Boyd

Herringbone welcomes New Brunswick’s Jennifer Pazienza

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For more than thirty-five years, Jennifer Pazienza has been having an “old-fashioned affair with oil paint” – and what an affair it continues to be. With a doctorate in art education in her back pocket, Jenn keeps racking up awards and accolades from her many international exhibitions, all from her home (and envy-inducing studio) in rural New Brunswick.

‘Abbondante’ by Jennifer Pazienza

As a “student of the ephemeral,” Jenn paints to remember and understand and help us, her lucky viewers, reflect on our own place in the world.

‘Dal Segno’ by Jennifer Pazienza

We are delighted to welcome Jenn to the Herringbone family and can’t wait to see what she produces next.

Herringbone welcomes Nova Scotia’s Ted Coldwell

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Ted Coldwell, fine art photographer and self-described romanticist, has a serious eye for detail.

‘Blue Brocade’ by Ted Coldwell

Driven to share “the inherent beauty of the world around us,” Ted offers a new perspective on the small bursts of aesthetic magnificence it’s so easy to overlook in the mad rush of daily life.

‘Rivet 1’ by Ted Coldwell

We love Ted’s incredible focus on shape, texture and colour and are delighted to welcome him to the Herringbone family!

‘Serpent’ by Ted Coldwell

Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s Steve Leskew

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Whether working in pastel or acrylic, Steve Leskew captures the beauty of his subjects with a realism that takes your breath away.

‘Through the Narrows’ by Steve Leskew

Striving to “create works of art that can be passed down from generation to generation,” Steve’s work has a timeless quality that defies artistic trends and fads.

‘Golden Hour’ by Steve Leskew

Unlike this guy below, we’re delighted to welcome Steve to the Herringbone family!

‘Majesty’ by Steve Leskew

Herringbone welcomes British Columbia’s Lois Griffiths

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“Painting,” writes Lois Griffiths, “is a balancing act between opposite ideas – direct observation and intuition, control and spontaneity, even between the literal and figurative.”

‘Only’ by Lois Griffiths

It’s imperative for a painter to always be pushing the limits and trying new things, she believes, citing “a continuous desire to progress” as a hugely motivating factor in her work.

‘Soon’ by Lois Griffiths

We believe that Lois’ beautiful, attention-grabbing work more than meets her goal of reaching beyond the canvas to “engage the viewer to connect and share a moment” and are delighted to offer some of her work here at Herringbone.

‘Resonant’ by Lois Griffiths


Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s Christopher Cape

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Plein air painter Christopher Cape believes that true understanding is brought about by the only connection to reality we possess: our senses.

‘Dream Journal’ by Christopher Cape

“Painting en plein air,” he writes, is “any time a person sets out to paint life at the moment of visual creation, making all the decisions from the point of conception.”

‘Beneath the Heavens’ by Christopher Cape

We’re thrilled to welcome Christopher (and his thoughtful, entertaining descriptions of his work) to the Herringbone family.

Herringbone welcomes Nova Scotia’s Barbara Page

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For Barbara Page – artist, designer, gardener, reiki practitioner and self-described ‘creative potentialist’ – making art is about far more than creating pretty pictures.

‘Between Thought’ by Barbara Page

“The creation of art is a portal to the ever present now,” she writes, “losing one’s imagined self and expressing the truth of who we really are–inspiration, creativity, freedom, joy, peace and love.”

‘Paradox’ by Barbara Page

Art is a means of exploration – not just of materials and techniques, but of perceptions and emotions. Art is freedom.

‘Lost in the Dream’ by Barbara Page

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Barbara and her stunning work to the Herringbone family.

Featured Artist: Nova Scotia’s Robin Crouch

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Robin Crouch – painter and co-owner of Herringbone Gallery – took a twenty-year break from making art to work on building up a web and graphic design company while helping raise a family.

Digby Seafood Market by Robin Crouch

Now that the HerringBrats are all old enough to drive, Robin has returned to painting with a vengeance, finally putting that Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from York University to good use.

End of the Tourist Season by Robin Crouch

Determined to find the beauty in scenes others might not find beautiful, Robin is irresistibly drawn to back streets, abandoned buildings and desolated country lanes.

The Fish Market by Robin Crouch

With his son and painting-partner-in-crime, Foster, Robin roams the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia looking for the next underappreciated view. No hunk of rusty metal, storm-battered siding or curious architectural choice escapes their notice.

Cottage by the Sea by Robin Crouch

Featured Artist: Nova Scotia’s Foster Crouch

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Foster Crouch, currently Herringbone’s youngest artist at age 19, is a self-taught painter and photographer of rural landscapes.

Abandoned Tractor by Foster Crouch

Foster is also – full disclosure – our son and an integral part of the Herringbone team. The fact he is our best-selling artist, however, seems proof enough that it isn’t mere parental pride that got him onto our roster. The kid is good.

Low Tide at Halls Harbour (Study) by Foster Crouch

And getting better all the time.

Red Boat in Digby by Foster Crouch



Featured Artist: British Columbia’s Amy Baxter

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Amy Baxter of ‘cute but stupid by amy baxter’ has been a photographer for three decades and counting.

‘reflections of a plover…’ by ‘cute but stupid by amy baxter’

Using a technique called “texture-layering”, Amy digitally stacks several layers of interesting textures with the photograph’s main subject to produce hauntingly beautiful, delicate images.

‘prince charming…’ by ‘cute but stupid by amy baxter’

Amy’s work is in private collections across Canada, the US, Australia and the UK and we couldn’t be more pleased to offer some of her pieces here at Herringbone.

‘for crowing out loud…’ by ‘cute but stupid by amy baxter’