Settling (Parrsboro, NS)


by Enda Bardell

My watercolour work is about the feeling of having been there and recapturing the experience. It is about fresh air and freedom; rekindling the memory of a particular place. I want the viewer to be captivated by the same emotion and overwhelming experience that I had from the source of inspiration.

Painting fast and loose watercolours enables me to connect with the fleeting moment and light.


11 x 14 in
See framing options below


  1. Image 11 x 14 in unframed, under double white matting 16 x 20 in, barrier paper, backing, in a cellophane envelope ($500)
  2. 11 x 14 in painting under double white matting, under glass with 16 x 20 in black wood frame ($700)
  3. 11 x 14 in painting under double white matting, under plexiglass with 16 x 20 in black wood frame ($720)


Framing Options

Unframed 11 x 14", Framed under glass 16 x 20", Framed under plexiglass 16 x 20"

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