Beneath the Heavens


by Christopher Cape

Painted during a warm evening in August of this year, in oil on gallery panel.

I had just driven three hours to set up at White Bluffs Campground, in Lions Head, and was eager to get out and catch the evening light. Located at the fork in the Ithmus Bay Rd. looking out over Lake Huron, the pull towards the federal park (and Camp Caltic’s second home) is always strong. The light was so unusual I had to stay.

As per usual, after the easel was set up the wind came to greet me. Anchored, with a bag of firewood, my canvas was safe, but on the tail of the greeting were the rain clouds.

This painting was the beginning of the storm front. A rarity for me. The diffused setting sun and distant rain was doing strange things to the world.

If I wasn’t there I would never have believed it.

I need to go back.


Oil on panel
8 x 10 in


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