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Vancouver Island, BC
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I have been actively pursuing photography for over 35 years. I worked as a darkroom technician for a local newspaper for a number of years and discovered a passion for tweaking whatever was on the negative and ignoring those who said “You can’t do that!”.
Now I have embraced the digital age and the digital darkroom. Using a technique called “texture-layering”, I now tweak to my heart’s content. Texture-layering is stacking other images with the subject image. The images used can be anything that gives a texture look. Some of the texture images I use are of actual painted canvas, an image of a tanned bison skin, an image of a stucco wall, images of clouds, etc. A piece can have anywhere from a couple texture layers to 16 or more texture layers. This process is similar to painting in that you start at the bottom working with colours, darkness to light, and blocking in what will be the focus of the image. I do not, as a rule, add any other elements to the original image. It’s a matter of trying to stay true to what is originally captured. This is a fairly simplified description of the process but I hope it gives a basic idea of the process.
Please note that the “cute but stupid by amy baxter” name is in no way indicative of my work, as my work has been described as “quiet elegance” and “still but alive”. Simply, it’s a phrase I’ve used for many years as a way to back out of trouble when my mouth has been in gear way before my brain. I am a “self-proclaimed smart ass”.
Amy’s work is in private collections across Canada, into the US, and as far away as Australia and the UK.


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