Herringbone welcomes British Columbia’s Perry Haddock

Vibrant. Luscious. Exuberant. Describing the work of Vancouver-area painter (and retired fine arts teacher) Perry Haddock makes me sound like a thesaurus. I mean, look at this:

‘Heavenly Bamboo 3’ by Perry Haddock

Bold. Brilliant. Vivid. I could do this all day.

‘Up the Sound 3’ by Perry Haddock

Inspired by the natural beauty of his west coast surroundings, Perry approaches painting with an impressionist’s eye, seeking to capture a fleeting moment or mood. He does it gorgeously. Colourfully. Fearlessly. Okay, I’ll stop now.

‘Moraine Majesty’ by Perry Haddock

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Perry Haddock to the Herringbone family!

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