Herringbone welcomes Ontario’s Jane Boyd

Palette knife + paint = perfection. Jane Boyd wields her favourite tool like a magician, turning ordinary landscapes and waterscapes into impressionist gems of colour, texture and form.

‘Hues of Lake Huron’ by Jane Boyd

Happily getting “lost in the moment,” Jane simplifies her subject matter as a way of exploring the essence of what she’s seeing and of conveying that essence to the viewer.

‘Fall Fantasy’ by Jane Boyd

Jane’s award-winning work has appeared in countless international exhibitions and features in numerous private collections and we couldn’t be happier to offer some of her incredible paintings right here at Herringbone.

‘Summer Greens’ by Jane Boyd

Herringbone welcomes New Brunswick’s Jennifer Pazienza

For more than thirty-five years, Jennifer Pazienza has been having an “old-fashioned affair with oil paint” – and what an affair it continues to be. With a doctorate in art education in her back pocket, Jenn keeps racking up awards and accolades from her many international exhibitions, all from her home (and envy-inducing studio) in rural New Brunswick.

‘Abbondante’ by Jennifer Pazienza

As a “student of the ephemeral,” Jenn paints to remember and understand and help us, her lucky viewers, reflect on our own place in the world.

‘Dal Segno’ by Jennifer Pazienza

We are delighted to welcome Jenn to the Herringbone family and can’t wait to see what she produces next.

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